Listed below are all the spells available to Bards. New and changed spells summarize their effects or alterations.


  • Cure minor wounds:
  • Daze:
  • Detect Magic: The caster can interpret an Arcane Mark or certain other magical signatures
  • Flare: Instead of -1 ab, this applies a 5% miss chance
  • Light: The light reaches 10m around the target and lasts 20 turns
  • Lullaby: Creatures in the AoE suffer -2 saves vs Sleep and -5 to perception checks on a failed Will save. Duration of 1 turn
  • Animate Hinge: Opens or closes the nearest unlocked door or container, and offers a 20% chance any traps are disabled for 2 rounds
  • Prestidigitation: The caster performs a minor trick – flashy casting without effect
  • Resistance:
  • Summon Instrument: Conjures an instrument for a duration of 1 turn/level. Choice of 5 instruments: Flute, Pipes, Lute, Harp or Drum.

Level 1Edit

  • Amplify: Adds +5 perception and immunity to Silence (spell) for 2 turns
  • Balagarn's iron horn:
  • Charm person: Illusion school. The spell has a tiny AoE
  • Color spray: Now Colour Spray
  • Cure light wounds: d8 heal die replaced with 2d4
  • Expeditious retreat: 5 round duration
  • Grease:
  • Identify: Only adds a flat 10 lore
  • Lesser dispel:
  • Mage armor: AC changed to +3 armour AC for turns/level
  • Magic weapon: Duration of turns/level
  • Protection from alignment : Law/Chaos alignments are included. Effects are now +2 deflection AC and +3 saves vs mind effects against the chosen alignment. Duration of turns/level
  • Scare:
  • Sleep: Creatures get +2 to save vs Sleep. If cast on a single creature, no HD maximum applies
  • Summon creature I: Summoners can choose a theme. Duration of turns/level.

Level 2Edit

  • Blindness/deafness:
  • Bull's strength: Turns/level duration
  • Cat's grace: Turns/level duration
  • Clarity: Removes effects as normal and adds +5 to saves vs mind effects for 1 turn/level
  • Cloud of bewilderment:
  • Cure moderate wounds: d8 heal die replaced with 2d4
  • Darkness:
  • Eagle's splendor: Turns/level duration
  • Fox's cunning: Turns/level duration
  • Ghostly visage:
  • Hold person:
  • Invisibility: Duration of 2 rounds/level
  • See invisibility:
  • Silence: Causes Silence in a large area centered on the caster. No saving throw applies, but spell resistance does. The spells Amplify and Clairvoiance/Clairaudience prevent silencing in this way
  • Sound burst: Damage increased to 2d6
  • Summon creature II: Summoners can choose a theme. Duration of turns/level.
  • Tasha's hideous laughter : Removed +4 save bonus for racial mismatches
  • Ultravision:

Level 3Edit

  • Bestow curse:
  • Charm monster: Illusion school. The spell has a tiny AoE
  • Clairaudience/clairvoyance: Adds +10 perception and immunity to Silence (spell) for 10 turns/level
  • Confusion:
  • Cure serious wounds: d8 heal die replaced with 2d4
  • Dispel magic:
  • Displacement:
  • Fear: Victims cower rather than run after half the duration is past
  • Find traps: Effect replaced with +10 Search for 1 turn/level for those in the AoE
  • Greater magic weapon: Turns/level duration, adds 1 EB per 4 levels(mimimum +2)
  • Gust of wind:
  • Haste: AC bonus to Dodge is reduced by 2. After the spell ends the target suffers -1 ab until they rest or a Restoration type spell is cast.
  • Invisibility sphere: Duration of 2 rounds/level
  • Keen edge: Blunt and Piercing weapons are also affected.
  • Magic circle against alignment : Changes similar to Protection from Alignment
  • Remove curse:
  • Remove disease:
  • Slow:
  • Summon creature III: Summoners can choose a theme. Duration of turns/level.
  • Wounding whispers: Mobile aura lasting 2+level rounds, dealing level/2 sonic damage per round

New SpellsEdit

  • Detect Magic: When cast, all Arcane Marks within the area become readable to those in the area. The caster will also gain information about other magical signatures, such as those found in a wizard's laboratory or dungeon.
  • Animate Hinge: When cast, the hinges of the nearest door or container attempt to open or close. If the object is trapped, there is a 20% chance that the trap is disabled for the next 2 rounds. This success or failure will not be reported. The spell fails if the object has been locked.
  • Lullaby: This spell causes creatures within a medium area of effect to make a Will save. A failed roll results in a -5 Perception penalty and a -2 Saving Throw penalty to the Sleep spell for 1 turn. This spell does not count as being Hostile.
  • Prestidigitation: This spell has no effects beyond those RPed by the caster.
  • Summon Instrument: The caster summons an instrument which will last 1 turn per level before being destroyed. Portable instruments include the flute, pipes and lute. Drums and harps appear in a fixed position indicated by the caster.

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