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Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: Daemonbinder level 1.

Specifics: Once per day, the Daemonbinder can set up a Summoning Circle in an interior area. This circle remains useable for 3 hours, or until the Daemonbinder rests. Good creatures near the circle suffer a -2 penalty to their AB, whilst Evil creatures gain a +2 AB bonus.

This Circle of Power can be activated by the Daemonbinder once every 30 turns to ensnare a daemon in the Abyss. This is a dangerous process that drains hitpoints according to the strength of the daemon involved, with a fortitude save for half damage. Even if the Daemonbinder survives the daemon may be able to escape. Trapped daemons may be carried around until they can be bound to an object or a person.

Use: Selected

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