Ife x2craftwand
Type of Feat: Item Creation

Prerequisite: Level 2 Spellcasting. Specifics: The spellcaster can create a wand of any spell of 4th level or lower that the character knows. Crafting a wand costs a sum of coin to cover material costs, its height depending on the level of the spell to be crafted into the wand.

The monetary cost in CP is determined by multiplying the spell's innate level with the finished wand's level and a factor of 180.

The level (and therefore cost) of the finished wand increases at both caster level 4 and 7 for spells with an innate level of 0-2 and at caster level 8 for spells with an innate level of 3+.

In addition to the above, a spell crystal of the right quality and spell school is required as material component. For example, to craft a wand of Death Ward (necromancy, innate level 4) a Necromancer's Sphere (Rough) is required. Cantrips can be crafted with Spell Dust, regardless of their spell school.

A newly created wand has 1d20 + 3 charges, + 1 charge per level of the character.

Use: Selected (In order to craft a wand, the character has to cast the spell in question on a specially crafted wand)

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