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While optional depending on what goals a PC has, you may opt to pay taxes IG for certain RP benifits. 

Note: NPCs pay varying amounts for each tax, it is streamlined for PCs.

  • Feudal Taxes 150cp (plus may be drafted for war). Swear fealty to an Impituran (local) lord, and recieve nationality and the various protections afforded to it, such as a retrail if a smaller court rules against you.
  • Commoners' Taxes 250cp. Must already be Impituran (see feudal taxes above). Grants various uses of a forest of choice.
  • Citizenship Taxes 500cp. Must already be Impituran (see feudal taxes above), and have residence of city a city of choice. Exempts you from military draft, and all road/bridge tolls. May also take part in elections.
  • Property Taxes 750cp. Must already be Impituran (see feudal taxes above), and have ownership of building in question. Permits you to use the soil around said building, charge rent, and modify your property.
  • Corporate Taxes 1,500cp. Must already be Impituran (see feudal taxes above), and have ownership of a business. Allows you to hire more than a single long term employee from outside your family (family members may be up to twice removed).
  • Exclusivity Taxes 5,000cp. Must already be Impituran (see feudal taxes above), and have ownership of a guild (or other organization). Grants a permission to monopolize a product or trade thereof within the region.


The crown further raises money through an extensive number of licenses, each must be renewed every three months.

  • Pet License
  • Farming License
  • Market License
  • Exotic Animal License
  • Protection Licence 100cp. Allows the hirering of up to 6 armed men for security purposes, to which you become responsable for the conduct of.
  • Arms Licence 150cp. May carry exposed weapons in public, this applies to all edged or piecing weapons larger than a knife, with the exception of tools primarily used for non-violent purposes.
  • Medical Licence 150cp. May seek out and treat patients for all ailments. 
  • Proselytization Licence
  • Archane Profession Licence
  • Archeological Licence 500cp. Grants permission to seek, own, and study Impituran artifacts. New discoveries and change of ownership must be registered. Any not covered by a current archelogical licence, is considered property of the crown.

There are also one time licenses for Funerals, Adoptions, Weddings/Seperations, and Festivals.

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