Damien has shaggy black hair that frames his narrow face, blue eyes dragged down by dark bags and pale skin. His clothes are typically worn loose, in blacks, whites and greens. He wears a Kara-turan Katana on his belt and a lute on his back. His torso is covered in a variety of scars, which he takes great efforts to hide.


The son of a Halruaan Magehound, Damien grew up with high expectations forced upon him. Trained in combat, magic and linguistics by a cold and uncaring father, Damien found solace in music and studying far away lands as well as roaming the streets in secret. He met and befriended a street urchin sorceress named Arila and together attempted to run away from Halruaa using a teleportation circle in his fathers lab, they were discovered, Arila was killed attacking Damien's father while Damien escaped through the circle, to The Dalelands. There we was discovered by an elderly Dwarf woman who welcomed him into her home, along with other lost children. After a few years the woman who had become known as "Gran" returned home to Impiltur, and recommended that Damien go too and study in Songhall.


Damien lives in a room in Songhall and spends most of his time studying the various texts they own and attending classes and lectures when available. He reguarly treks down to Sarshel and joins adventurers in exploring abandoned buildings and caves, examining the ruins with academic interest. He bounces from project to project, constantly keeping himself distracted from painful memories and brewing anger. Usually these projects are left unfinished, such as fictional stories, papers on haunted castles, magical theorem and lute ballads. If asked what he wishes to do with his life he would respond with a wish to live comfortably and research forever, In truth his greatest ambition is to get revenge on his father but requires something to draw him away from Halruaa. As a technical renegade Halruaan, Damien intends to find some source of power to force his father to hunt him down, but such things are out of his reach for now.

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