The only documented NPCs are basically the nobility, vital ones are listed by location, but the full list is on the forum.


Please add your PC(s) to the list, and/or use the talk page for any suggested changes to the layout. An admin will later adjust for proper ordering.

Player Characters
Name Race Classes, and planned classes lvl Home Location Occupation & Employer Player Special Stat


Aleks Human Barbarian 7 Frequents Vlasta Maul Wielder Kerstman
Alexander Kross Human Ranger, Assassin 3 Secret Location Investigator, Bounty Hunter, Hoarite Yakon
Anton Human Monk 7 N/A Independant Broken One Ataraxia
Anzair Tahlathri  Elf Ranger, Barbarian 4 Outentown, Tavern Tree OldGrouch
Artemis D'Assanthe Half-Elf Priest 8 5 Angel's Court, Sarshel Dawnmaster of Temple in Sarshel Copper Dragon
Bedreven Ternn Human Rogue 2 Outentown, Market Shop Assistant, Felik's Functionals AusGre Deceased (goblins)
Bors Half-Orc Fighter 7 Warrior Cyberjesterb
Christophe de Hawklin Human Paladin 2 Outentown, Farmstead. Judge, Temple in Sarshel EdinSumar Deceased (anaphylaxis)
Edvard Alder Human Barbarian, Skincarver 1 Outentown, Tavern Town Drunk Ronan
Elis Cairnestone Half-Elf Druid 8 The Vlasta Wilds Wandering Druidess Talisman
Élisabeth Duval Human Ranger, Rogue, Shadowdancer 5 Songhall Scout Dawnbreak Deceased (ogres)
Erin Paige Human Druid 1 Poisonous
Farmer Human Fighter, Weapon Master 2 Outentown, South Fields Indentured Servent,  Baron Sulyim Nassour Ragnar Semi-Retired (legal penalties)
Fenneken Half-Elf Sorceror, Spirit Caller 7 Outentown / Sarshel Spirit Investigator Kerstman
Ganbaatar Human Ranger 2 EdinSumar
Gareth Great Worm Human Fighter 3 Mercenary, no contract AusGre
Hróin Dwarf Wizard 4 Outentown "All Things Fiery" Shopkeeper Holy_Rage
Isalin Pine Human Wizard 6 Songhall Apprentice to Hróin Loreweaver
Ishaq Amon Human Monk 1 Outentown Farmhand, Old Nadie EdinSumar
Jerek Human Paladin, Sword leader 8 8 Monument Court, Sarshel Sword Rank in the Warswords Toros
Kelda Alder Human Priest 8 8 Monument Court, Sarshel Adorned of Ilmater, Garrmin of Ilmater Poisonous
Leopold Thunersdei Human Priest 2 Field of Laments Priest of Tempus Kerstman
Lev Balakov Human Sorcerer 6 Travelling Mage Feronius
Merney Valroc Human Fighter 8 6 Vanguard Terrace, Sarshel Hedge Knight Danuvis
Radovan Kazac Human Bard, Fighter 2 Sarshel Retired Bandit Feronius
Rahul Klar Human Sorcerer 2 Freelance Scribe and Linguist No Light
Rokkr Elf Rogue, Shadowdancer 2 The road Mercenary, no contract Ragnar
Sagi Human Sorcerer 2 OldGrouch
Thom Human Priest 1 Sarshel Lawyer of Torm Cyberjesterb
Thorim Ironbrow Dwarf Fighter, Breach Guard 2 Mirabar Dwarf Masked Deceased (roasted by beetles)
Unger mac Rotu Dwarf Rogue 6 Earthfast Cave Recon Specialist and Goblinoid / Orc Hunter Kerstman
Vera Doppeldram Gnome Bard 2 Sarshel Gnome Loreweaver Moved on
Zebediah Corker Human Fighter 5 Outentown Rogue Warrior Loreweaver
Note1: The above list is intentionally meta, to ease OOC coordination. It is not intended as a common knowledge reference list for adventurers.
Note2: Also keep in mind class titles and what they call themselves often differ, as does skill selection. Please RP with them as if they were people, instead of machine parts.

Players Edit

For cross referencing expectant playtimes. The playtime link gives a chart to quickly cross reference timezones.

Name PCs playered Frequency Days Playtime Status
AusGre Bedreven Ternn, Gareth Great Worm, Daily Not Friday

GMT 22:00-04:00

PST 3pm-9pm

Copper Dragon Artemis D'Assanthe, Dhovainithil, Udhana (Bi-)Weekly GMT 19:00-21:00
Cyberjesterb Bors, Daily

GMT 00:00-04:00

PST 5pm-9pm

EdinSumar Johann Kreuz, Christophe de Hawklin, Alvis Ketilsson, Ganbaatar, Héctor Cortés, etc Daily ? ? Active
Feronius Lev Balakov, Radovan Kazac Varies All


(GMT +1/CET)

GateKeeper Othmar Truesilver, ? ? ? Active
Holy_Rage Hróin Almost daily All GMT 20:00 - 01:00
Kerstman Aleks, Fenneken, Leopold Thunersdei, Unger mac Rotu, Badger  Daily Usually all GMT 20.00-0.00

PST : 12pm-4pm

Masked - Daily All GMT 19.00-1.00 Active
OldGrouch Anzair Tahlathri, Sagi ? ? ? Active
Poisonous Kelda Alder, Erin Paige Daily All

GMT 00:00-04:00

PST 5pm-9pm

Ragnar Farmer, Rokkr, Bi-Weekly Saturday, Sunday

GMT 01:00-04:00

PST 6pm-9pm

Ronan Edvard Alder,  Weekly Sunday? Active
Yakon Alexander Kross Whenever Possible Whenever Possible Whenever Possible Semi-Active
Toros Jerek Daily All Variable Active
Example Main PC, Alt PC, Daily

GMT 12:00-16:00

EST 8am-12pm

Inactive (August?)
Note: Please be conservative in your estimates, and do not treat it as a binding contract. You're here to have fun, not meet any obligation.
Note 2: The playtime needs to be standardized, but there's a number of ways to do that. Right now it's GMT on top, and home location under it. Any ideas for a better system are welcome.

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