Half-elves have the curiosity and ambition of their human parent, with the refined senses and love of nature of their elven parent, though they are outsiders among both cultures. To humans, half-elves look like elves. To elves, they look like humans. Half-elves are paler, fairer, and smoother-skinned than their human parents, but their actual skin tones and other details vary just as human features do. Half-elves tend to have green, elven eyes. They live to about 180.

Half-Elven Ability Adjustments: +1 Cha.

Favored Class (Any): When determining whether a multiclass half-elf suffers an XP penalty, his highest-level class does not count.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Sleeplessness: Immune to spells and effects of the 'Sleep' subtype.
  • Hardiness vs. Enchantments: +2 racial bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting spells.
  • Low-Light Vision: Allows them to see better than normal in the dark.
  • Deft Hand: +1 bonus to all skills with at least one rank. Search and Perception gain this bonus regardless of skill rank.
  • Wanderer: Learn one additional language


Half-elves are uncommon in Impiltur since half their parents are few and far between. Most arrive by ship from other countries along the Inner Sea, drawing some strange looks for their appearance but also finding a quick acceptance amongst a people who don't fully understand the differences between humans and those distant elves, nor the reasons for distrust.