Isk heal

The Heal skill is used to speed the body's recovery after being harmed. A skilled healer combines anatomic insights with herbal lore and a practical knowledge of bandages, splints and stitching.

With this skill a character can use a healing kit to cure wounds or a bite kit to heal poisons and diseases.

Check: To cure poisons, diseases and their effects upon the body, the healer must make a successful check against their DC. Multiple effects can be cured at the same time but require a separate DC check for each. The DC for mending a poison's damage is 5 points higher than that of stopping the poison's spread. A successful check removes the condition. To recover hitpoints the healer rolls a Heal check. The result is the amount of hitpoints healed over the course of the next 2 turns. Only one healing kit can affect a creature at one time. This recovery removes Wounding but is stopped if the subject loses any more hitpoints from other sources.

Use: Use healing kit on a wounded creature or bite kit on a poison/disease victim.


Using a healing kit on yourself causes a -2 penalty to the check.

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