Ife aaimbue
Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: Arcane Archer level 6.

Specifics: With this feat, the Arcane Archer can imbue arrows with magic. The spell must be memorized and cast upon a normal arrow. Only a single shaft will be enchanted. The enchantment is permanent until the arrow is launched. If the arrow misses, its spell is wasted.

Arrows can be imbued with the following spells:

I - Acid splash, Animate Hinge, Daze, Electric jolt, Flare, Horizikaul's Boom, Light, Scare.

II - Balagarn's iron horn, Blindness/deafness, Combust, Gedlee's electric loop, Ghoul touch, Lesser dispel, Sound burst.

III - Dispel magic, Gust of wind, Hold person, Lightning bolt, Silence, Vampiric touch.

Use: Crafting. Requires 1 Spell Dust component per arrow.


Any arrow can be enchanted but their other magic properties are lost in the process.

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