Ife knockdow
Type of Feat: General

Prerequisite: None.

Required for: Improved Knockdown.

Specifics: A character with this feat can attempt to knock his melee opponents to the ground. The character makes an attack roll at -4, and if successful the attacker makes an opposed Strength check. If the character wins, the defender is knocked to a prone position.

Special: Characters can only activate one Special Ability per round. This includes Demoralize, Feint and Tumble checks, as well as Disarm, Knockdown and Shield Bash abilities.

Use: Selected. Prone characters cannot attack. Characters receive a +4 bonus to attack prone opponents in melee, but a -4 penalty to attack them with a ranged weapon. A character can only make a Knockdown attempt on opponents that are one size category larger than himself, or smaller. The opponent gets a +4 bonus on his opposed check for every size category he is larger than the attacker, or a -4 penalty for every size category he is smaller. Monks receives this feat for free at level 6.

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