Key SettlementsEdit

Below are key areas in play, and their related nobility which PCs may swear fealty to (pay taxes, but recieve legal protections).


The capital city. While the main streets are all safe, there are dangers inside abandoned buildings, and rumors of smugglers somewhere in the sewers.

Nobility (war captains)
  • Lady Rilaunyr of Sune
  • Lord Silaunbrar of Torm (a half elf)


North of Sarshel, and frequented by a high number of thrill seekers.

Nobility (barons)
  • Sulyim Nassour of Oldfeld: A follower of Helm, he flies into a legendary rage whenever his beliefs are questioned. His rants can last for hours, during which he is anything but vigillant.
  • Ashkyr Relindar of Drumaire Manor: Thought to have died three times, only to be revived by his father's instructions. Each glimpse of the afterlife brought him closer to gloom and despair.
  • Rilwor Slywenn of Whitsome Bridge: Had the company of a lowborn playing companion since childhood with whom he shares all. She must surely know his deepest secrets and greatest weaknesses, but doesn't tell.


Northwest of Outentown, a noteable village, which may be difficult to get to without use of a caravan.

Nobility (barons)
  • Roulves Dintersan of Redghyll: It is said his first love was a dwarf lass and their time together shaped many of his beliefs, though it only lasted three short years.

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West of Outentown, a mountain settlement with a truly great library.

Nobility (barons)
  • Hekril Ashraum of Whitwater Croft: Seeks to have all houses built of stone after losing most of a village to flames. Keeping his quarries busy, he often helps in construction like one driven by guilt.


Slightly north of Outentown, than straight east. A fishing village.

Nobility (barons)
  • Odunt Metiss of Earlsenter: Takes pride in an unfailing loyalty towards family and friends, though a series of betrayals has left serious scars upon his soul.

Ruined SettlementsEdit

Interestingly enough, there are still nobility who technically own the lands.


Just west of Vlasta, absorbed by swamp

  • Hylgar Metiss of Bestvale Farm: When faced with challenges, he drinks heavily and retires early, claiming it brings prophetic dreams and creative solutions. He does indeed seem to have the occasional insight.


South of Sarshel

Nobility (baron)
  • Otsul Essldyr of Lorlisden Steading: Far removed from the family's main power base, but perhaps the most conscious of etiquette in the family. It's thought to be a cry for approval.

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