Ir monk
Warrior Monks combine martial training with mental exercise, honing body and soul. They serve as a monastery's protector and guide pilgrims on their journeys. Some take a more active role in the world, entrusted with a sacred mission or sent forth to test themselves in the world of man. Often thoughtful, educated, humble and composed, these holy warriors are well received and respected throughout Impiltur.

Bound by strict oaths, Monks tend to avoid weapons and armour and fight with simple tools or nothing at all instead. Through their rigorous training they become capable of amazing feats, and while they may struggle against a fully equipped warrior they are more than capable of besting anyone else.



As Monks grow in level, they also gain extra damage on unarmed attacks, extra unarmed or kama attacks per round and a bonus to their AC. Wearing armour or using a shield negates many of the monk's abilities.


  • Stunning Fist - A character with this feat can attempt a disabling strike. If successful, the target must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 the attacker's level + the attacker's Wisdom modifier) or be held for three rounds. This can be used once per day per level of the monk.
  • Flurry of Blows - Monks receive an extra attack per round when fighting with unarmed attacks or a kama. However, all attacks in that round suffer a -2 attack penalty.
  • Evasion - Whenever a Reflex save is allowed for half damage, the character instead takes no damage if he succeeds at the save.
  • Armour of Silks - Monks add their Wisdom modifier to their Armor Class.
  • Deflect Arrows - The character can attempt to deflect one incoming missile attack per round. This is treated as a Reflex save made against DC 20.
  • Fleet of Foot - Monks move 10% more quickly than other classes, and this ability improves to 20% at level 6.
  • Still Mind - The monk gains a +2 competence bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting spells.
  • Diamond Soul - The monk gains spell resistance equal to their class level + 10.
  • Ki Strike - The monk's unarmed attack cannot be blunted by damage reduction x/+1. At level 8, damage reduction x/+2 is also bypassed.
  • Purity of Body - The monk is immune to all non-magical diseases.
  • Wholeness of Body - Once per day the monk can heal themselves for monk level x WIS modifier HP.
  • Uncanny Dodge - The character retains his Dex bonus to AC, even if caught flat-footed or attacked by a hidden or invisible creature.


Monks start with +1 base attack, but still skip a point every 4 levels after that.

Their Unarmed damage follows standard progression, increasing at level 1, 4 and 8, as does their bonus AC, granting +1 from level 5 onwards.

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