Listed below are all the spells available to Paladins. New and changed spells summarize their effects or alterations.

Level 1Edit

  • Bless:
  • Bless weapon: Duration of 3 rounds/level
  • Cure light wounds: d8 heal die replaced with 2d4
  • Deafening clang: Duration of 3 rounds/level
  • Divine favor:
  • Endure elements: Turns/level duration
  • Guidance: +1 to skills for 2 rounds
  • Magic weapon: Turns/level duration
  • Protection from alignment : Law/Chaos alignments are included. Effects are now +2 deflection AC and +3 saves vs mind effects against the chosen alignment. Duration of turns/level
  • Resistance:
  • Virtue: +2 temporary HP for 2 turns

Level 2Edit

  • Aid: additional +1 skill bonus, renamed Heroism
  • Aura of glory: Duration of 2 rounds/level
  • Bull's strength: Turns/level duration
  • Endurance: Turns/level duration
  • Eagle's splendor: Turns/level duration
  • Remove blindness/deafness: Now a level 2 spell
  • Remove paralysis :
  • Resist elements:

New SpellsEdit

  • Guidance: The target of this spell gains a +1 bonus to all skills for a duration of 2 rounds.