Listed below are all the spells available to Priests. New and changed spells summarize their effects or alterations.


Level 1Edit

Level 2Edit

Level 3Edit

Level 4Edit

Domain SpellsEdit

  • Healing Circle: Now heals 2d8+level HP.
  • Protection from Spells: Now grants +5 to saves vs spells, affecting 1 creature per 3 levels.

New SpellsEdit

  • Create Sustenance: A single food item is created. This improves resting conditions by +1 (healing an additional 1 hp/level) compared to resting without food. After 30 minutes the sustenance becomes useless and is removed.
  • Detect Magic: When cast, all Arcane Marks within the area become readable to those in the area. The caster will also gain information about other magical signatures, such as those found in a wizard's laboratory or dungeon.
  • Guidance: The target of this spell gains a +1 bonus to all skills for a duration of 2 rounds.
  • Contagion: Creates an OnHit Disease property (DC 14) for the selected weapon. This lasts 1 turn/level. The nature of the disease is randomized.