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Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: Skincarver level 1.

Specifics: Each Runescar location can be filled with a runic spell once/day. This costs 25 x Skincarver level x Rune level in cp and deals d6 damage per Rune level to the Skincarver. The runes remain in their slot until they are activated, at which point the slot becomes empty. While each Runescar has only a single use, it is possible to inscribe the same rune upon multiple locations on the body.

If this ability is activated with an empty slot, the Skincarver can inscribe a new Rune. If the ability is activated with a filled slot, the Rune's power is released.

Available Runes

  • Class level 1 (WIS 11+): Camouflage, Cure Moderate Wounds, Entropic Shield, Ironguts and Truestrike
  • Class level 2 (WIS 12+): Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, Cure Serious Wounds, Resist Elements and Ultravision
  • Class level 3 (WIS 13+): Balagarn's Iron Horn, Clarity, Ghostly Visage, Lesser Restoration and See Invisibility
  • Class level 4 (WIS 14+): Cure Critical Wounds, Displacement, Greater Magic Weapon, Haste and Keen Edge
  • Class level 5 (WIS 15+): Freedom of Movement, Monstrous Regeneration, Neutralize Poison, Polymorph Self and Stoneskin
  • Class level 6 (WIS 16+): Death Ward, Elemental Shield, Heal, Resist Magic (see below) and Restoration

Resist Magic grants a +5 saving throw vs Spells for 1 turn per Skincarver level

Use: Activated.

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