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Type of Feat: Item Creation

Prerequisite: Level 1 Spellcasting.

Specifics: The spellcaster can create a scroll of any spell that the character knows. Scribing a scroll costs a small amount of coin.

The monetary cost in CP is determined by multiplying the spell's innate level with the finished scroll's level and a factor of 9.9.

The scroll level (and therefore cost) of the finished scroll increases at both caster level 4 and 7 for spells with an innate level of 0-2 and at caster level 8 for spells with an innate level of 3+.

In addition to the above, a spell crystal of the right quality and spell school is required as material component. For example, to scribe a scroll of Fireball (evocation, innate level 3) an Evoker's Crystal (Refined) is required. Cantrips can be scribed with Spell Dust, regardless of their spell school.

Use: Selected (In order to scribe a scroll, the character has to cast the spell in question on a specially prepared blank scroll)

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