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Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: High Mage level 1.

Specifics: The High Mage can convert a series of low level spells into a high magic spell while this mode is active. If a high magic spell requires two or more different spells, the highest level spell should be cast to begin the conversion. The following spell combinations are available:

Conversion I

  • 3x Acid splash: Mestil's Acid Breath (3)
  • 3x Daze: Slow (3)
  • 3x Electric jolt: Lightning Bolt (3)
  • 2x Light: Remove Blindness/Deafness (3)
  • 4x Resistance: Protection from Elements (3)
  • 5x Prestidigitation: Polymorph Self (4)

Conversion II

  • 2x Burning hands: Wall of Fire (4) with 2x Flare
  • 3x Charm person: Charm Monster (4)
  • 3x Endure elements: Elemental Shield (4)
  • 2x Ice dagger: Ice Storm (4) with 2x Ray of Frost
  • 3x Magic missile: Isaac's Lesser Missile Storm (4)
  • 3x Ray of enfeeblement: Bestow Curse (4)
  • 2x Scare: Fear (4) with 2x Animate Hinge
  • 2x Shield: Minor Globe of Invulnerability (4) with 2x Detect Magic

Conversion III

  • 2x Cloud of bewilderment: Cloudkill (5)
  • 3x Fox's cunning: Legend Lore (6) with 2x Identify
  • 2x Gedlee's electric loop: Ball Lightning (5)
  • 4x Ghostly visage: Ethereal Visage (6)
  • 2x Lesser dispel: Dismissal (5)
  • 2x Resist elements: Energy Buffer (5)
  • 3x Stone bones: Stone To Flesh (6) with Endurance

Conversion IV

  • 3x Animate Dead: Control Undead (7)
  • 2x Clairaudience/clairvoyance: True Seeing (6) with 2x See Invisibility
  • 4x Clarity: Mind Blank (8)
  • 3x Dispel magic: Greater Dispelling (6)
  • 4x Fireball: Delayed Blast Fireball (7)
  • 2x Flame arrow: Firebrand (5)
  • 4x Greater magic weapon: Blackstaff (8)
  • 3x Gust of wind: Great Thunderclap (7) with 2x Balagarn's Iron Horn
  • 3x Haste: Mass Haste (6) with 1x Expeditious Retreat
  • 2x Hold person: Hold Monster (5)
  • 3x Lightning bolt: Chain Lightning (6)
  • 3x Mestil's acid breath: Acid Fog (6)
  • 3x Scintillating sphere: Prismatic Spray (7) with 2x Colour Spray
  • 3x Stinking cloud: Acid Fog (6)
  • 4x Vampiric touch: Finger of Death (7)

Conversion V

  • 2x Charm monster: Mass Charm (8)
  • 2x Enervation: Horrid Wilting (8)
  • 3x Lesser spell breach: Mordenkainen's Disjunction (9)
  • 3x Minor globe of invulnerability: Greater Spell Mantle (9)
  • 3x Phantasmal killer: Weird (9)
  • 2x Stoneskin: Premonition (8) with 2x Truestrike
  • 3x Wall of fire: Meteor Swarm (9)

Use: Selected


This feat is activated and deactivated like a combat mode.

The DC of higher level spells cast in this fashion is not improved by Spell Focus or casting attributes.

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