Ir spiritcall
The Spirit Caller is highly attuned to the supernatural, seeing what others prefer to ignore. A Spirit Caller can communicate with the spirits of animals, people and even the land itself. By bargaining with these spirits, they develop both protective and terrifying powers.




1 - Call Spirit, Spirit Guide
2 - Call Spirit Horde, Call Spirit Warrior, Dismissal
3 - Exorcism, Bonus Feat
4 - Gatekeeper, Bonus Feat
5 - Spirit Ward, Bonus Feat
6 - Recall Spirit, Bonus Feat.


  • Call Spirit - Summon a single spirit to fight beside the Spirit Caller for a long time.
  • Call Spirit Horde - Summon a group of spirits to fight beside the Spirit Caller.
  • Call Spirit Warrior - Summon a single strong spirit to fight beside the Spirit Caller.
  • Spirit Guide - The Spirit Caller gains a bonus to Concentration, Perception and Sense Motive once/day.
  • Dismissal - Unsummons spirits from the Spirit Horde.
  • Exorcism - 2x/day, a single creature becomes immune to Death Magic.
  • Gatekeeper - The Spirit Caller is immune to Fear.
  • Spirit Ward - The Spirit Caller projects an aura of Negative Energy Protection vs Undead.
  • Recall Spirit - The Spirit Caller restores a body to life.

Spirit Caller Bonus Feat list:

  • Guardian Spirit - The Spirit Caller gains +1 AC per level vs Undead.
  • Greater Spirit Guide - The Spirit Caller can reroll failed Will saves.
  • Lift Spirits - A single creature rallies and gains +4 to saving throws vs Fear.
  • Wail of the Fallen - The Spirit Caller unleashes a howl of Fear.
  • Chill of the Grave - The Spirit Caller projects an aura of Frost (requires level 4).
  • Feed Spirits - The Spirit Caller heals undead with a burst of Negative Energy (requires level 4).
  • Reveal Spirits - The Spirit Caller strips undead of Concealment, also lowering their resistance to Spells, Turning and Physical damage (requires level 4).
  • Spirit Form - The Spirit Caller gains 50% Concealment and DR 10/+2, as well as a 75% Miss Chance (requires level 5).
  • Spirit Blessing - The Spirit Caller gains a chance to be restored to full health upon falling below 1 HP (requires level 5).

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