Ir triadic
Triadic Knights are mighty warriors who dedicate themselves to the joint cause of Tyr, Torm and Ilmater, defending holy ground, destroying enemies of the church, and slaying mythical beasts. Paladins looking for more religion in their life, as well as priests in search of more martial prowess, may embark upon this path.

A Triadic Knight can represent these well-respected deities and often earns some signs of their favour, though they do not develop the ability to cast spells. Those upon this path choose a life of service and obedience to their temple, unlikely ever to rise to high positions.


  • Hit Die: d10.
  • AB Progression: High.
  • Primary Save: Fortitude and Reflex.
  • Skill Points: 3 + Int Modifier.
  • Class Skills: Diplomacy, Heal, Knowledge, Parry, Ride.



1  -  Bonus Feat, Threefold Boon
2  -  Sacred Defense I
3  -  Bonus Feat
4  -  Sacred Defense II
5  -  Bonus Feat
6  -  Aegis of the Triad, Sacred Defense III


  • Threefold Boon - Once/day per odd level, the Triadic Knight can pray for 1 turn to gain +4 STR, CON and WIS for 5 turns.
  • Sacred Defense - This feat adds 1 to all Saving Throws made by the Triadic Knight for each rank.
  • Aegis of the Triad - Once/day for 10 turns, the Triadic Knight ignores 25% of all physical, 50% of all elemental (including sonic) and 75% of all divine, magical and negative damage from all evil sources.

Bonus Feat list: