Isk magicdev
  • Ability: Charisma.
  • Requires Training: Yes.
  • Classes: Bard and Rogue only.

Use Magic Device is a skill used to bypass magical safeguards through mimicry. The user can assume the role of someone of different race, alignment or class convincingly enough to mislead a ward and can even trick a device into believing its power word has been activated.

A successful Use Magic Device check allows the character to use a magic item as if he had a required class, race, or alignment.

Check: The base DC is determined by the value of the item, and modified by the type of emulation the character is attempting. If the character attempts to emulate a specific race, the DC increases by 5; if he attempts to emulate a specific alignment, the DC increases by 10. Emulating a specific class does not modify the base DC.

To overcome the magical blurring of a spell scroll and activate it a DC of 12 + the spell's level must be passed. On a failure the scroll crumbles without unleashing its potential.

Use: Automatically applied whenever a character attempts to use or equip an item normally unusable by his class, race, or alignment.

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