Ir wizard
Wizards are arcane spellcasters who depend on intensive study to create their magic. By analyzing the effects of changes and comparing them to the experiences of their predecessors, a Wizard methodically searches for the best ways to manipulate the Weave. Utterly devoted to magic, their strength is in their spells. When prepared, they are deadly. When caught by surprise, they are weak. As Wizards grow in experience, they learn to relax and expand their mind so it can be filled with ever more and more complicated spells.

Wizards are viewed with suspicion by the people of Impiltur, for they break the common laws of possibiity and carry a potential for vast destruction. At the same time, magic is an integral part of life and a Wizard who proves helpful, reliable and conservative in their magic use is welcome indeed.

WARNING: To cast a spell, a wizard must have a Intelligence score of 10 + the spell's level. For example, to cast a 5th-level spell, a wizard must have a Intelligence of 15.


Specialized Wizards have the following Opposed Schools:

  • Abjuration vs Necromancy
  • Conjuration vs Transmutation
  • Divination vs Illusion
  • Enchantment vs Evocation

Specialized Wizards gain +1 spell slot per level. They can only use this slot to memorize a spell from their chosen school.




  • Familiar - The character can summon and possess a familiar.

Bonus feat list:


  • Crow - increases Knowledge: Arcana
  • Rat - increases Knowledge: Architecture and Engineering
  • Bat - increases Knowledge: Dungeoneering
  • Hawk - increases Knowledge: Geography
  • Owl - increases Knowledge: History
  • Toad - increases Knowledge: Local
  • Weasel - increases Knowledge: Nature
  • Cat - increases Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty
  • Lizard - increases Knowledge: Planes
  • Snake - increases Knowledge: Religion
  • Spider - increases Intimidate

Familiars grant +3 to a skill while they are around, but deal 1d6 damage to the wizard when they die. This damage cannot reduce the wizard below 1 HP.


Wizards now have access to different spells.

Spell slot progression:

          0   1   2   3   4  
Level 1:  5   2   -   -   -
Level 2:  5   3   -   -   -
Level 3:  6   4   2   -   -
Level 4:  6   5   3   -   - 
Level 5:  7   5   4   2   - 
Level 6:  7   7   5   3   - 
Level 7:  7   7   5   4   2
Level 8:  7   7   7   5   3

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